Angermann, H., Ramzan, N.
Poster, SICSA Ph.D. Conference, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Publication year: 2016

In this poster, the expert system TaxoPublish is presented. TaxoPublish is based on logic programming and  predicts the customers requirements for automatically modifying the taxonomy in B2B context. With the help of TaxoPublish, retailers can now provide personalization in the form of personalized e-catalogs without any human effort, and without missing any information about the domain. The expert system is using knowledge provided through a Customer Relationship Management system for predicting customers preferences, and knowledge of a Product Information Management system for performing taxonomic operations based on two novel types of taxonomic concepts. Through the usage of logic programming and the cross-platform database model, TaxoPublish can be applied as expert system over distributed and heterogeneous data warehouse architectures across various domains. The comprehensive experiments show that TaxoPublish expert system is capable of fully-automatic taxonomy modification with an accuracy similar to the expert manual modifications.

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