Angermann, H., Ramzan, N., Amira, A., Hitzges, A.
Poster, UWS Research Conference, Paisley, United Kingdom
Publication year: 2014

This poster presents TaxoDegree, a methodology for evaluating taxonomy matching approaches. In the proposed methodology, the reasons that cause the four categories of taxonomic heterogeneity (terminological, conceptual, syntactical, semiotic) are investigated. Hence, it is proposed to exploit different degrees of complexity (heterogeneity), in addition to the conventional four types of heterogeneity. The new set of degrees offers manifold benefits to help assessing the differences between two taxonomies and between background knowledge. Firstly, it can represent the characteristics of the existing taxonomy matching system in a discernible manner, instead of referring to only the standard metrics. Through this, it can be more clearly stated, which concrete matching techniques and resources of background knowledge are available to overcome a specific degree of heterogeneity. However, in accordance with the results provided. Finally, it helps highlighting open directions for the paradigm of taxonomy, namely by pointing out the degrees that are not concerened yet.

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