Hitzges, A., Angermann, H., Gaebeler, J.
2nd Stuttgarter SharePoint Forum, Stuttgart, Germany
Publication year: 2014

This presentation exlpains how SharePoint can be used for improving e-commerce. The presenation is based on the outcome of two bachelor thesis projects. One of the projects was investigating the possibilities of SharePoint when using the platform as product information management (PIM) application. The other project was investigating the possibilities of SharePoint when interacting the platform with a e-commerce system. In both projects, the research was based on an extensive literature review and market research of leading systems in the areas of PIM and e-commerce. Through both projects, an architecture was used having SharePoint as leading system for managing the shop, including the management of products, as well as the management of customers, orders, assets, etc. In the presentation, both projects are briefly discussed. For both projects, the research questions, the underlying methodology, as well as the results are given. The research shows SharePoint can be used as PIM, and with interacting with a shopping cart system, it can be used for managing e-commerce as well.

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