Angermann, H., Ramzan, N.
Visual Studio One, 01/2016, 39-42 p.
Publication year: 2016

During the last decade, the retailing industry has expired a drastic change. Through the increasing number of media available, retailers provide their services and goods on different channels (multi-channel, omni-channel). Because of printed catalogs almost belong to history, the most important channel nowadays is the e-commerce channel. Its growth has increased explosively in the last years. Between 2005 and 2015 the e-commerce market has achieved a plus of 302,17%. Microsoft is not developing an own system anymore, as they have stopped the development of the Microsoft Commerce Server. However, Microsoft is supporting open-source e-commerce projects being based on .NET technology. One of the most important .NET frameworks in the German region is named SmartStore.NET. In the article at hand, this system is reviewed according to the most relevant and most recent requirements. Based on that, the e-commerce system is analyzed using a criteria catalog.

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