Angermann, H., Ramzan, N.
Visual Studio One, 01/2016, 50-54 p.
Publication year: 2016

In 2015, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was expanded by the social listening module Microsoft Social Engagement. Such systems are used by enterprises in the context of Web 3.0, also referred as semantic web. Mainly, the tools are used to analyze popularity and preferences of (potential) customers towards own brands and products, but also towards market competitors. Hereby, social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or other blogs are used twice. Firstly, the systems are utilized to analyze customers behaviour. Secondly, the systems are utilized to publish personalized campaigns. The article at hand presents an overview of the module Microsoft Social Engagement. In detail, it is reviewed how the module works inside the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, as well as how the module can compete with standalone social listening tools. The article is based on real-world use-cases allowing a conclusion in a very applied way.

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