Magento Inc. has published a survey about customers’ preferences when shopping online. The core insights can be found in this summary.

The survey

As we know, e-commerce is an innovative and highly agile sector. Through the advent of omni-channel commerce, new channels like social media, chat, etc., complement online shopping. The customer experience is not limited to just providing a good website. No, today, e-commerce providers need sophisticated brand strategies.

But, what is really important for customers? And, how do e-commerce providers deal with customers’ feedback? Is the customer really in focus or is increasing the conversion rate ultimately more important? In a recent study (see [1]), Mangeto Inc. has surveyed 18,000 customers regarding their preferences when shopping online. 2,100 of the surveyed customers are from Germany. The results of the survey show guidance for e-commerce providers regarding customer experience and branding strategies. The core insights for the German market are highlighted in this blog.

The insights

Offer free services

For 52 %, the price is the main factor. However, more important are services like free shipping, or click-and-collect. 56 % would stay loyal to a provider that offers free returns.

Invest in simplicity

For 56 % simplicity, and for 34 %, fast load times are important. The website must be easy to handle and navigate. Especially when using mobile devices. Products must be available.

Evaluate payment methods

The quality of payment methods is more important than the variety. Regular testing is inevitable. However, nowadays e-wallet services like PayPal and Apple Pay are expected by 39 %.

Be more than green

Sustainability and environmental awareness are important for almost every second customer (48 %). So, invest in sustainable packaging and fair trading. And, talk about it!

Reduce mailing lists

Data protection is important for 56 % of the surveyed customers. Irrelevant mails destroy trust for 32 %. Such customers will maybe unsubscribe and shop somewhere else. Better use the customer data to focus on improving your recommendation engines.


[1] Magento Inc. (2020). Customers’ Commerce Expectiations – Kunden-Feedback in bessere Erfahrungen umwandeln.