Hello my name is Dr. Heiko Angermann, and I am glad you visit my page. I am an open-minded 35 years old Computer Scientist, Printing Engineer, and Scrum Master. I am enthusiastic about digital solutions and data-driven services. I believe that good technology can only arise if the human is in the center of all processes:

Humans first, technology second!

My main area of expertise is on business information systems, especially in terms of content management, e-commerce, product information management, and master data management. Hereby, I focus on knowledge engineering, web engineering, and analytics.  In the focus of my interests are technologies to improve user experience and the underlying processes. In 2017, I received a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of the West of Scotland for the development of recommender and decision support systems to create personalized taxonomies in the omnichannel context. In 2014, I received a B.Eng. in Print Media Technologies from Stuttgart Media University for the evaluation of methods to combine content management with e-commerce techniques.

I have gained several years of experience in the publishing and IT sector: I was head of projects e-commerce, worked as product owner for online shops, was an enterprise content manager, and worked as a master data manager for two printing companies. Recently, I am a research fellow with DHBW Heidenheim at the computer science faculty. Additionally, I work as an external lecturer at Aalen University for the data science department.

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